In this day and age, news get posted fast, updated fast, and get old fast. Granberg's story is different. The history of Granberg AS is a long-standing adventure about hard work, the joy of creating and of deep roots and new opportunities.

Out here in our little place of Bjoa, a tiny village nestling on the hills overlooking the fiords, where honest work, humble conditions and the will to survive is embedded in the DNA of its few inhabitants, our story begun.

It started with a man who had a vision. Paul Granberg dreamed of creating a better life for his family and a safer life for the community. In the fast growing industries of the 60s, he saw and understood the increasing need for hand protection; the welders, the steel workers, the fishermen…Young men, husbands and fathers laboring in the unforgiving harsh conditions of Western Norway.

With two empty hands, a piece of leather from America and the support of his young family, Paul set out to make his dream and his vision to reality. Down at the cellar of his yellow brick house, together with his wife and four children, Paul Granberg sat down to design, cut and sew the first ever Granberg glove. The story of Granberg’s quest for perfection for hand protection had just begun.

The family was soon serving the burgeoning needs for hand protection all over Norway.

As time went on, new products were added, the number of satisfied customers grew, and steadily both production volume and optimism also grew in the yellow brick house.

Adversities were overcome by focusing on customers needs and adapting to ever changing markets. The expectations of the clients grew higher as the world grew smaller and became more global. Building the company was an adventure and a never ending learning process.

Paul Granberg is long since gone, but his vision and legacy lives on through his son, Ole Marthon Granberg who for the last 25 years has been at the helm of Granberg AS, leading the company where it is now.

Today Granberg AS is a proud and well-established company with a worldwide client base and a continued focus on product design and product development for customer satisfaction. This has made it possible to recruit the best talents and develop the strongest brands in the industry. Patented materials and products, as well as innovative solutions that best serve our customers is what we are and who we are.

We take pride in our history and our innovations. Most of all, we take pride in the testimonials from people that use our gloves every day.

The yellow brick house is still there, a symbol of determination and our roots. The vision that was planted continues to grow, branching ever further around the globe. Today, Granberg AS is an international company, protecting and supporting important hands all over the world.

After more than 50 years in business we are still creating, still innovating and still determined to provide your business the best possible gloves.

With us, your hands are safe.